psp shooting game 2

PSP Shooting Game

February 12, 2019

With PSP Shooting Game you could do many things: watching movies that are actually the plots of the games, listening to your music library, and most importantly, engaging yourself in an intense battle with your loaded guns, fighting against and besides your friends. We could say that PSP Shooting Game is definitely the right choice […]

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best shooting games for xbox 360 5

Best Shooting Games For XBOX 360 – XBOX 360 Shooting Games

January 8, 2019

Perfect Dark Developed by Rare, Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter developed that was released for the Nintendo 64 console in 2000. Being the first title of the Perfect Dark series, Perfect Dark follows the story of Carrington Institute agent Joanna Dark who is working in her attempts to prevent an extraterrestrial conspiracy from happening, […]

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Subnautica map: Guide, Tips, and coordinates of some special areas

December 12, 2018

 Subnautica is really a good open world survival adventure game that was created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. This game is an exciting adventure where players can explore the ocean on an alien planet freely. It can’t deny that Subnautica is really a great game, however, it even can be better if having a map. Unfortunately, […]

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Persona 5 Trophies

November 21, 2018

Finding of Persona 5 trophies offers a helpful checklist of things and elective challenges for you to undertake while playing this game. There are more than 45 trophies that you can gain on both PS3 and PS4. Wonderfully, You can travel through Japan as you collect power for the Phantom Thieves and discover what’s actually […]

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A step-by-step guidance of Legend of Grimrock 3

November 13, 2018

Legend of Grimrock is a 3D action role-playing game developed and launched by Almost Human. The title is a grid-based, real-time dungeon crawler following the 1987 Dungeon Master. It was released for Microsoft Windows in 2012 and ported for Linux and OS X in December 2012, then iOS in 2015. Guidance of Legend of Grimrock 3. The difficulty of the game goes up as usual. Here is […]

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How To Get Better At Shooting Games

September 4, 2018

You love shooting games but realize you’re quite bad at shooting? Read this post to know how to get better at shooting games. Currently, there are four things you need to do. Keep in mind that improving your aim in these kinds of game isn’t just about skill. It’s also problems concerning your game devices, […]

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Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked at school

August 1, 2018

Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked at school is an awesome action shooter game in side scrolling style that was developed by Sky9 Games. This game is the third major game in Strike Force Heroes series. Every chapter of this game is full of action and excitement. It is more like a war and a shooting […]

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Top 05 games like Bullet Force

July 23, 2018

Bullet Force is a modern action multiplayer FPS mobile game with awesome 3D graphics. This game was created by Lucas Wild for Android and iOS and last year it has won the “First Person Shooter of 2017” prize. If you are looking for other games with high quality graphics, customizable weapons, and various maps just […]

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5 Best FPS Games to Play

July 9, 2018

The best shooters last for a long time, for sure. In addition, a good FPS is not only about shooting. It has to contain significant elements of skills and reflex, as well as a balance between violence and movements. Besides, the shooters that have attractive side storyline also gain good ratings. Among hundreds of FPS […]

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Strike Force Heroes 3: Plot – Gameplay –Control

May 24, 2018

Strike Force Heroes 3 is an awesome side scrolling shooter action game developed by Sky9 Games and published on Armor Games and Not Doppler. It is the third major game in Strike Force Heroes series. It was released on June 24th 2015. The game follows the classic side scrolling action games of the past but […]

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