How To Get Better At Shooting Games

You love shooting games but realize you’re quite bad at shooting? Read this post to know how to get better at shooting games. Currently, there are four things you need to do.

Keep in mind that improving your aim in these kinds of game isn’t just about skill. It’s also problems concerning your game devices, the way you hold your mouse, techniques you might haven’t known and last but not least, practicing your aims.

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shooting games

1. Adjust your gear until you get the feeling of “rightness”

If you want to learn how to get better at shooting games, first thing first: Pay attention to the two most important pieces of devices when it comes to aiming and shooting – your mouse and mousepad. Fortunately, mouse sensor technology has been improved so greatly that you can get an accurate rodent that fits your likings. DPI capabilities, weight, and button layout are the things that needed to be considered. Some professional players would recommend purchasing and using simpler, lighter mice since they are easier to quickly whip around the mousepad.

Talking of a mousepad, you need to make some right decision for a better mousepad as well as a shooting combat. Therefore, the largest mousepad would be recommended for you, this will prevent picking up your mouse in the middle of an intense battle.

2. Get Your Body Ready

Once your hardware is taken care of, time to do some adjustment to your body as well. Some gamers report that your way of holding your mouse can have an impact on your performance (let’s focus on claw, palm, and fingertip), but making yourself comfortable is actually the most vital thing you need to remind yourself while playing. In short, in order to learn how to get better at shooting games, learn something about yourself first!

Get Your Body Ready3. Sense and sensitivity

What else could be the most important setting in shooting games besides Mouse sensitivity? They key is to find the settings that feel right and also giving you full control.

Now let’s have some discussion about your mouse DPI. A higher DPI value on your mouse does not mean it will function greatly. Certain mice can perform worse with the highest DPI setting. Moreover, it can also be hard to decide what DPI setting to use in your mouse’s driver software and what sensitivity setting to enable in a shooting game. In conclusion, it is best to pick a DPI you find comfort in Windows, yet can still give you the right aim feeling-game.

In case you’re often overshooting your targets, find and try to turn your in-game sensitivity down. On the other hand, if you find you’re undershooting, or that you have to make unnaturally large hand movements so that you can spin around, then time to turn on your in-game sensitivity.

4. Techniques and game sense

If you haven’t known, then there are two main types of aiming: flick shots and tracking. Tracking means trying to keep your crosshair aimed at your target all of the time in the battle— works well for characters who use automatic weapons in shooting games.

Techniques and game sense

Flickshots is a type of aiming that could be used for single-shot weapons. It involves flicking your crosshairs at your target and turns it back to a neutral position.

5. Practice makes perfect

The last thing to learn about how to get better at shooting games in this guide is also the most important thing – the important of hard-working spirit and practice. If all of the factors above have been well taken care of, time to talk about your muscle memory. Some types of aiming rely heavily on muscle memory.

Although there are browser games that provide free playing, this actually doesn’t improve your aim. All they do is improve your reflexes—not train your aim. This is due to the fact that your “in-game sensitivity” doesn’t interpret one-to-one to your Windows’ cursor movements, thus the muscle memory for moving a certain distance isn’t entirely similar.