A step-by-step guidance of Legend of Grimrock 3

Legend of Grimrock is a 3D action role-playing game developed and launched by Almost Human. The title is a grid-based, real-time dungeon crawler following the 1987 Dungeon Master. It was released for Microsoft Windows in 2012 and ported for Linux and OS X in December 2012, then iOS in 2015.

Guidance of Legend of Grimrock 3.

The difficulty of the game goes up as usual. Here is the list of all steps to overcome the Legend of Grimrock 3:

You will be acclaimed by a “light” puzzle. To open the door on your way, eliminate the torch from the wall instead of putting three torches into the pillar lying in the middle of the room. Inside the alcove opposite to the door you will see Frost Bomb.

Inside this corridor you will see a Crowren and a Skeleton Archer with frost arrows shooting at you as the first challenge of Legend of Grimrock 3. Quickly go away from the Crowren and move around the wall to remove the Archer. Fighting him is easy, if you are able to avoid his arrows.

Inside this room you will find the first secret. The middle wall has two pillars, which can be picked up. Then you need to find the more obvious button on the west side of the wall. After pressing it, one of the walls will open for a small room with a Shuriken and another button on the opposite wall. Pressing it and another wall between the pillars will open, now throw an item above the two doors into the alcove, which an inside grate also be raised. When the item is on the other side, the trap doors will lock and you can cross them to pick Bow and Arrows – a treasure for your Rogue.

Next, pick up the item from the pressure plate and move to one of the trap doors. You will be inside a corridor with Slimes. Kill them and find a Skull for the Tar Bead and the Minotaur. To escape from the trap, pull the lever and a teleport will appear, use it!

On the intersection you will see two doors. The one leading north asks a key and the eastern one asks to press a button. Go through the eastern one.

Then you have to stand on a pressure plate which closes the door behind you and releases a few Skeletons – kind of interesting Legend of Grimrock 3 part game.

In the middle of the room, there is a trap door opened by putting an item or standing on it. All Skeletons will try to catch you through there, throw them down one after another into the underground which you visited. In the end, jump down yourself and kill them respectively without being pinned down or leave them there for all eternity (waste of experience points). Kill them by your own weight by jumping onto its head.

After killing the Skeletons, search all the corridors participating in this room.

You will find two Tar Beads, Flask, Cave Nettle, a Baked Maggot, and the Brass Key to the gate from point (4) – the important key in Legend of Grimrock 3. Now pull the lever in the room and return to the point (4) by complying the unlocked passage.

In this alcove, you see the Toorum’s Note which gives you hints of passing through the underground and a collectible which counts for the final statistics.

Going further the north and you will reach the Crystal of Life. Remember this place since you may have to return here. The Crystal does not only replenish health, but it also clears the poison body.

Behind the Crystal, the other side of the trap door is stairs leading down to the next level – unluckily it is long, so you should jump into one of the trap doors to find Leather Greaves.

Now you see Spiders everywhere and the first one right behind the corner, their poison works until it stands, though it’s slow enough to take an antidote or return to the Crystal of Life.

legend of grimrock 3

We will give a table of Legend of Grimrock 3 to help you understand what we’re going to say. Inside the next room with two trap doors there is one or three secret. To reach it, press the rectangular button on the wall next to the first trap door. The trap doors will lock for 5 seconds. Quickly press the metal button on the second trap door. Afterwards, a corridor with a teleport guiding to the secret room will open for you to find the Tome of Health and a Shuriken.

After using the teleport to head back to the corridor with trap doors, jump into one of them. You should find a pressure plate (A). Put any item on it. Stand opposite to the door (B) Put an item on the plate on the different side of the grate using the button (C) Activate the teleport behind the grate and place an additional item on the plate behind the grate (D). The gate (B) on the other side you may find a Serpent Bracer protecting you from poisons.

To find the ‘secret-in-secret’ here, press the button again (C) Return to the re-activated portal where the Bracer was found. You will see a secret alcove (E) inside of which you are able to seek for the Scroll of Invisibility. Pull the lever to go back to the main room and onto level 3 using the portal (F).

Here is the map representing for the ninth step of Legend of Grimrock 3:

Inside this room has a puzzle with portals moving along the marked light-blue path following a counter-clockwise pattern. Before its entry, you will find a Rock behind a grate. (This requires you to move back the first 4 steps of Legend of Grimrock 3).

There are two moving portals classified by three squares. Start off by complying one of the portals until you can throw/shoot and the pressure plate <1> to lock the trap door <2>. The portals cannot catch you here. Step on the trap door, prepare an item to put on the pressure plate <3> No moving teleport on it. It will open the gate <4> you must run quickly since it stays open for a few seconds.

You will find a lever permanently opening you a passage through the “portal” puzzle. The portals unluckily won’t be deactivated, so you must avoid them if you prefer returning to the Crystal of Life.

You will come to a corridor with spider eggs near it. Remove them to find extra arrows for the Rogue. Take this part of Legend of Grimrock 3 as fast as possible.

An essential key is found at this part of Legend of Grimrock 3! Follow the corridors through (11) and (15) to the room while killing spiders on your way. Behind the door, there’s one of the hatching points with lots of eggs and spiders protecting them. It’s good to stay in the door, kill one spider then close the door if you need to take an antidote/regenerate/return to the Crystal of Life.

After this fight, go inside, kill the eggs and gather the items inside the room: two Bloodrop Blossoms, Loincloth, Sandmole Hide Vest, Longsword and the Iron Key of the door at point (15). Pull the lever next to the locked north door and move on.

Put anything “as the sacrifice” on the pressure plate and click the brass button by the grates. In returns, a second Iron Key, Silk Hose as well as the sacrificed item. To get the secret present, place the Hose that you gained as the sacrifice and in return, you will get the Nomad Mittens and the Hose as well.

Use both Iron Keys to open the locks by the door and head to the next puzzle.

At this spot, there’s a similar pillar compared to the one at point (1) as well as the puzzle but works the other way around. Instead of putting torches on the pillar, you will place two into the walls and the last one into the pillar, from the side of the locked door. Before placing the torch on the pillar, remember that after placing two torches on the walls, a secret connected with another secret will appear.

After visiting the Iron Door, put the third torch in the handle on the pillar.

Now you open the secret tunnel, find a lever opening the Iron Door found near the room including the moving portals. To reach them, return there (10) and take the weight off the west pressure plate. You will lock the trap door prevented you from reaching the previous door. You will find the Huntsman Cloak and a Nettle.

Like with other puzzles on this level, you need to be clever and fast. Start off by pressing the rectangular stone button on the north first pillar. It will open a shortcut to move and free one Spider. After pressing the small metal button on the western side of the pillar, quickly run to the gate, following the map. The other side of the gate has a metal button opening them permanently.

Another “pantry” is here with Grim Cap and Boiled Beetle on the floor.

In the spot on the map, there are Leather Gloves on the floor and many Spiders roaming beside.

On the floor under the torch, you see another Toorum’s Note warning you of the Spiders. Head the sound of the opening door. A secret has appeared now (22). Start off by gathering the Round Shield found behind the south corner.

Get back to around point 20 to see a couple of Spiders from the unlocked secret area, one has a key to a secret of the end of the level – Gold Key (valuable key in Legend of Grimrock 3). Find it after killing them. After approaching the room itself (22), pick the Tar Beads and find a hidden button opening a passage to stairs (S3) lead to an isolated underground area.

The east of this room has a Grim Cap. You can find a Wooden Box with some alchemy ingredients: Fire Bomb, Scroll of Shock, and a Mole Jerky inside the room. You also see an unfinished alchemy recipe for Sulphurous Potion. The ingredients are Blood Drop Blossom and Cave Nettle.

Behind the two grates is another Spider hatchery. Move back to point 13 of Legend of Grimrock 3 guidance to see how to act with this situation. Open the gate, kill the spider and close to regenerate. Using this tactic by the northern door. After eliminating all spiders, one Nettle by the eggs will be found.

To open the door, solve an easy puzzle. By the door there’s a hole of the energy sphere inside the corridor, behind grates, must drop. When standing on the pressure plate before, the statue will spit a sphere. To raise the grates and let the sphere catch the destination, place something on the plate and step sideways, then enter the corridor to look for a Baked Maggot.

On the other side of the opened door, you will be in the Crystal of Life room on the other side of the trap door. To open the passage between two parts of the room, pull the nearby lever. Here you can see a Leather Cap and another Toorum’s Note.

One thing to do on this level. Beside the stairs is a door with a golden lock. Open it by the Golden Key found in point 22 to find the Ring Boots and Knoffer Mace.