Persona 5 Trophies

Finding of Persona 5 trophies offers a helpful checklist of things and elective challenges for you to undertake while playing this game.

There are more than 45 trophies that you can gain on both PS3 and PS4.


You can travel through Japan as you collect power for the Phantom Thieves and discover what’s actually occurring to everyone.

And now,

We will show you everything related to the trophies in this game.

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A complete list of main Persona 5 trophies

Phantom Thieves Formed – Bronze

Try to form the Phantom Thieves.

Merciless Executioner – Bronze

You need to carry out 50 Persona Fusions to get this trophy.

Execution Leading to Rebirth – Bronze

You can only perform a Guillotine Execution if you want to get Execution Leading to Rebirth.

Perfect Combination – Bronze

You will do 50 all-out attacks. And all can be completed after you eliminate all enemies. Try to aim at their weaknesses and hit Triangle during a Hold Up to knock down them.

The Ultimate Strike – Bronze

Here you need to perform 999 damage in a single attack. It’s okay to wait later in the game; however, you should avail a capacity to improve your attack.

Precise Insight – Bronze

Please exploit the enemy’s weaknesses 100 times.

NOTE that,

As learning a particular weakness, you should memorize it forever. Pressing R1 will automatically turn your attack to a weakness. Or simply utilize different attacks until you find the weakness.

Soul of Rebellion – Bronze

To gain this trophy, you MUST acquire the Persona Arsene.

My Best Partner – Bronze

You need to fall into a special relationship with someone.

A Phantom Thief’s Duty – Bronze

Here you should negotiate with a Treasure Demon and allow them to join you since they don’t have many weaknesses.

persona 5 trophies

Mask of an Honor Student – Bronze

You must attain the first position on an exam that needs a high Knowledge Rank. If this is your first playthrough, you cannot accomplish it. The only way is to maximize your Knowledge before the final exam (usually starts 12/18).

Want to know how to get the right answers on the exam?

Consult here now!

A True Confidant – Bronze

Try to maximize any Confidant to win this trophy.

Power That Connects – Bronze

You have to carry out a Baton Pass 3 times in one turn.

Although this requires a bit of luck in finding the correct combination of shadows with the right team lineup, keep in mind that you can avail items to deal with damage and get a Baton Pass.

I Am Thou – Bronze

Please gain a Persona during a negotiation that occurs automatically when you discover Kaneshiro’s Palace.

Countless Masks – Bronze

Unlike I Am Thou, you need to get 30 Personas during a negotiation. Try to acquire the Sun Arcana to rank 8 to make everything easier since it provides an opportunity to win the consultation automatically.

The Sneaking One – Bronze

Try to ambush an enemy 50 times when they cannot see you.

Drink Fanatic – Bronze

Try to purchase all of the drinks available in vending machines such as 1UP, Chunky Potage, Dr. Salt NEO, Earl Green, Mad Bull, Muscle Drink, Odd Morsel, Rancid Gravy, Strawberry Curry, Water of Rebirth, etc.

These machines are marked on your map, and they’re often restocked on Mondays.

True Talent – Bronze

If you maximize all of the Social Stats successfully, you will unlock this trophy with ease.

Nominating the Twins – Bronze

Here is one of the Persona 5 trophies that requires you to perform a Group Guillotine execution.

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Atop Countless Sacrifices – Bronze

You only carry out a Gallows execution which becomes available after 6/5 in the game. It permits you to sacrifice one Persona to make another character stronger.

But, remember that,

You only use it once per day.

A Sublime Experiment – Bronze

Try to carry out an Electric Chair execution which will be available in the Velvet Room after 8/21.

Through One’s Sentence – Bronze

You MUST learn a new Persona skill through Lockdown. And this will become available when you gain Strength to Rank 3. It’s okay to put any Persona in Lockdown and wait for the notice that it’s willing to retrieve.

Competent Negotiator – Bronze

Try to rescue a hostage from an enemy’s hazard successfully.

Skilled Gunman – Bronze

You have to kill 3 or more enemies at the same time with a single round of bullets. Try to decrease their HP and then finish them off with your gunfire.

Beginner Phantom Thieves – Bronze

Simply finish 5 requests to acquire this trophy.

My Backyard – Bronze

Here you need to unlock all hangout destinations including Akihabara, China Town, Ginza, Harajuku, Kanda, Meiji Shrine, Miura Beach, Seaside Park, Shibuya, Tsukishima, etc.

Guardian of the Pond – Bronze

You must catch the Guardian of the fishing pond successfully. Make sure to read Fishpond Spotter and Essence of Fishing and then gain enough fishing points to purchase the top-tier bait for fishing at night and upgrading to better bait.

Aggressive Searcher – Bronze

Try to gain 150 items with Palaces.

Don’t worry because it’s easy. All you just do is to steal everything yellow when you avail Third Eye.

Under-the-Table Goods – Bronze

To gain this trophy, you need to customize a gun.

Craftworker – Bronze

You have to create all kinds of infiltration tools.

NOTE that,

You MUST craft tools by yourself at your workbench, and you cannot avail your Temperance Confidant.

Bookworm – Bronze

Try to read all books in Persona 5.

Golden Finger – Bronze

You should acquire a video game console first and then play all the video games you can buy.

But remember to…

Avoid playing with others when they invite because it doesn’t count towards this trophy.

The City’s Hard Hitter – Bronze

Make sure you hit a home run at the batting cages successfully.

Passionate Listener – Silver

You need to listen to 250 of Futaba’s navigation lines.

Mask Collector – Silver

All you should do to acquire this trophy is to finish the Persona Compendium.

A Unique Rebel – Silver

Try to eliminate the Reaper successfully.

But how?

You have to come to Mementos during flu season, wait for his appearance, then guard and heal your way through some rounds of combat. Relying on that, he will kneel over and die of his own agreement.

A Perfect Job – Silver

Here you need to finish all the requests.

Try to get every non-story/non-team Confidant to at least rank 8, then take 2 shifts at the Flower Shop, 4 at the Convenience Store in Shibuya, and 2 at Crossroads in Shinjuku. And remember to complete before or on December 22nd.

Great Phantom Thieves Convene – Gold

With this trophy, you have to max out all Confidants.

Legendary Phantom Thief – Platinum

If you complete all the Persona 5 trophies above, this one will appear instantly.

Other hidden trophies in Persona 5

A New Journey – Gold

In case you get any of the endings in this game, the trophy will belong to you.

Beyond Rehabilitation – Gold

Here you MUST kill the Twins.

But remember that,

This can only be gained in New Game+, and it’s available once you acquire access to Mementos.

How to deal with the Twins?

Although they are mighty and have no weakness, they come with no resistances either. So, try to avail skills that nullify their elemental damage.

One Who Rebels Against a God – Silver

Try to create Satanael who has a level of 95 Persona.

Castle of Lust Falls – Bronze

This trophy requires you to finish SuguryuKamoshida’s Palace.

Museum of Vanity Closes – Bronze

This trophy requires you to complete IchiryusaiMadarame’s Palace.

Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt – Bronze

This trophy requires you to achieve Junya Kaneshiro’s Palace.

Pyramid of Wrath Collapse – Bronze

This trophy requires you to accomplishFutaba Sakura’s Palace.

Spaceport of Greed Destroyed – Bronze

This trophy requires you to finish Kunikazu Okumura’s Palace.

Casino of Jealousy Shut Down – Bronze

This trophy requires you to achieve SaeNiijima’s Palace.

Cruise of Pride Sinks – Bronze

This trophy requires you to complete Masayoshi Shido’s Palace.

The True Trickster – Bronze

Here you MUST accomplish Mementos.

A final note

That’s all for what you need to learn about Persona 5 trophies, guys.

Do you think that you can obtain all of them?

Of course, YES because the more you play, the more trophies you can get.

And don’t forget to share with us how many trophies you have currently. We’d love to see, guys!