Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked at school

Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked at school is an awesome action shooter game in side scrolling style that was developed by Sky9 Games. This game is the third major game in Strike Force Heroes series.

Every chapter of this game is full of action and excitement. It is more like a war and a shooting game.

If you’re a fan of aiming and shooting a massive number of enemies, then this game is perfectly match for you! With this 3rd chapter, you could play Strike Force Heroes 3 anywhere you like because It now has an unblocked version.It means you can now play it even when you are in school or office or simply at home.

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Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked begins with a closed door appointment of GlobeX and his allies in a secret place. He elaborated that his clone army is now ready for anepic battle in order to wipe out the world from its existence.

Because of that evil purpose in his mind, he wants to see our strike force heroes are being blamed by the public. He also claimed that all and every strike force hero are now under his control. Luckily, there is one Strike Force Hero that is still not in control yet, and that person would be you. So it is now your duty to prevent GlobeX from executing his evil plan.


Your final mission in Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked is to destroy GlobeX in any way you can with any cost. Your mission is also includingto protect territories and to capture enemy terrains. As a captain of the elite military team, you will now have to make all decisions. You are responsible for choosing which team members you will tag along in each mission, how many members will you bring along, what kind of weapon or even which color of uniform your team should wear, will be up to you to decide.

The player can change heroes before going into battle. Note that heroes that have too many battles in a row may become exhausted. There are three conditions of soldiers that you should be aware:

  • TIRED – Heroes that fight many battles in a row become tired and have -20% stats.
  • INJURED – When tired heroes have too many battles, they will get injured and have their stats reduced by 50%.
  • CRITICAL – When injured heroes fight many battles, they finally become critical. It reduces 99% stats of the hero. Each battle will cost you 01-day progress and those heroes who not joining that battle will be able to heal their stats.

Complete and succeed in fifty missions. One thing we’re sure that you will love about “Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked at school” is that there are a lot of objectives and rewards in every mission. Whenever you win, you will receive cash as a reward, there will be a new strike force hero unlocked, a weapon or even a set of these rewards. Together with rewards, you will be able to unlock other missions. Cash can be used in upgrading your heroes and buying accessories too.

After each battle you will get some funds to buy weapons, upgrade them (but note that the chances of failure increase as current level of the upgrade increases), recruit heroes, or spin slot machine in the shop to get rewards. You could also go to the workshop and build any weapon for your own using blueprints, there are 60 blueprints in game.

Summary/ Verdict:

Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked at school can now play it even when you are in school or office or simply at anywhere that you prefer to, during your own free time. For example, you could enjoy the game while waiting at the Airport, Train station, etc.

This game did won Game of the Year 2015 on Armor Games in shooting category, it has rating 88 on Armor Games and over 2.5 million plays. This game is fun and challenging that offers plenty of great things for fans of action games and who love to have a bit of retro gameplay as well.